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Comedy is borne from pain and distress. We’re all feeling it right now. So let’s just get to it.

Here is Colbert’s latest opening monologue:

Chris Hayes as a Seth Meyers guest:

Anderson Cooper on Colbert’s show recently:

This is sobering stuff, even if some comic relief is involved.

I will recommend looking for the Ukrainian President’s former series, Servant of the People, to get an insight on how Ukraine’s President Zelinskyy honed his skills. The series seems partially inspired by an old BBC series, Yes, Prime Minister. Zelinskyy continues to use these lessons as he leads his nation through what is a war of re-colonizing a people who were finally decolonized three decades ago. If any of us have Slavic lineage, or friends or family in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, let’s do what we can. Please. Lives hang in the balance. So does a world in which peoples can determine their own version of democracy, based on their cultural norms and values.

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