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Happy mid-week, where every day is mid-week. I hope you all are okay. I am amazed that I’ve put up 270 of these posts (what we used to call diaries in the before time). I’m always happy to see some signs of life in the area of live entertainment, even if it’s painfully obvious that life is far from being back to normal.

As I was looking for videos to share, I noticed that someone has been posting footage of a recent concert by Primal Scream. That band has been together for about 40 years at this point. I didn’t pay them much mind until I first heard Loaded. It had this rave scene vibe to it. And three or so decades later, it has become one of their iconic songs that I imagine would have to be played at any live gig. It’s been a minute since they released anything new, although they do keep a stable lineup these days. Maybe they’re content basking in what they managed to create, and that can be good enough.


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