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Welcome again! It’s midweek for what I hope is a short work week for most of us. I’ve got everything ready for Thanksgiving meal prep. It’s just a matter of spending a good part of Thursday in the kitchen. That’s okay. My wife used to do this particular meal on her own, but that’s no longer doable. She’ll help – mostly by directing me as I learn to handle a meal that she could put together like a pro. The things we do for love.

In the meantime, what would this space be without music? I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with Cannons. They’re fairly new to the pop scene, and they’ve locked into something that’s both retro and very much of the moment. This was the video that randomly popped into my suggested list on YouTube. I’ve been exploring their work since.

Enjoy the tunes. I’ll try to check in as I can. As one of the Twitter diaspora, I’ve been exploring the Fediverse (of which Mastodon is a very prominent part). Cheers!

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