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Did you ever wonder what jazz might sound like when played by a generation entranced by TikTok? Maybe you have. Maybe you haven’t. Some answers do exist, though. I’m going to share an NPR Tiny Desk concert featuring DOMi &  JD BECK (keyboards and drums, respectively). They are definitely young, and at the beginning of their careers. In terms of how they sound, if you enjoyed what the late Chick Corea was up to at the end of the 1970s and into the 1980s, or enjoyed the sort of Nu Jazz artists of the 1990s, you’ll have some idea of their influences. They also capture our current zeitgeist on a vocal piece. They’ll drop the occasional F-bomb, but then again anyone who checks out my posts is probably well into adulthood or retirement age, so we can live with that. Duos involving drums and another instrument are hardly new in jazz. You can go back to at least the mid-20th century to find the first examples of such combos. When they click, they click. I think these two musicians have some promise. I hope you give their work a whirl, if nothing else.

As the recording artists I grew up on pass away, I am increasingly finding comfort in younger artists. The kids are alright. Really.


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