One of the best articles of the week came from Tyler Pager of the Washington Post who wrote about how President Joe Biden relies heavily for advice on other politicians and is suspicious of staffers who never have to face the voters.

Also at the Washington Post, Anthony Faiola and Catarina Fernandes Martins take a look at how Europe’s youth are embracing fascism, with a special focus on Portugal. Portugal’s election is taking place Sunday.

Over at the New York Times, Kellen Browning has an excellent article on Kari Lake’s uneven attempts to mend fences with other Arizona Republicans as she seeks the nomination to replace departing Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate. It will make you want to visit Ruben Gallego’s campaign website.

Pakistan has a new prime minister, although he’s been prime minister before.

I definitely feel old realizing it’s the 16th anniversary of us all finding out that New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer was a connoisseur of high-end prostitutes.

It’s the 79th anniversary of the fire-bombing of Tokyo which killed about 100,000. That probably makes my parents feel old.

If we behave ourselves, we’ve got a billion more years, tops. I’m thinking more like 30-35 years.

Right, left and indifferent responses to Sen. Katie Britt’s bizarre State of the Union response speech. Also, SNL.

Obviously we do not want to feed Gaza forever, but a famine has arrived. Who wants to take responsibility?

What’s up with white, rural rage?

I had the thought that Sotomayor should consider retiring from the Supreme Court while a Democrat is still in a position to replace her, but it was just a thought. I’m still scarred from the RBG fiasco.

Meet the enemy.

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