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Trump is winning in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan. He’s winning the popular vote. Biden is winning nowhere. Biden is on a path to defeat. How do you feel about that?

Are you in denial? Are you questioning the polls? All of them which are all sending the same message? Do you think the pollsters are using bad samples?

I’ll tell you what. This isn’t a situation where things will change once voters get to know the candidates better. The electorate is very familiar with both these candidates. Hell, they’ve actually seem both in the office of the presidency, so they have a unique ability to do a side-by-side comparison. Right now, the voters want Donald Trump to be president and they don’t want Joe Biden to be president. That’s clear. It’s fairly narrow, but it’s uniform across all swing states and in the popular vote.

How is this possible considering everything we’ve seen and know about Trump both in and out of office?

I honestly do not know. It makes me not want to live, frankly. But Trump is beating everyone. He’s beating Fani Willis and the media, and the Democrats and the too-late Justice Department and their special prosecutor. It’s true that he’s taken a massive half-billion dollar financial hit, but who cares when you’re about to be the most powerful man on Earth again?

I can’t say Trump is really doing anything right other than escaping justice, but perhaps Biden is doing something wrong. I thought he State of the Union speech was really strong and encouraging, but he got no real bump out of it all. At least, it was smaller than average.

There’s really nothing that’s going to be left of this country if Trump is reelected. So, with the stakes as high as they can get, it’s probably best to ignore the polls as best you can and get to work trying to help Biden get votes. Whatever else you might think is a higher priority for you, your career, your daughter’s wedding, you’re wrong about that.

Trump has to lose. That comes before everything else.

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