I was inspired to write this diary after reading a comment by Mentaldebris in  “Tough one from Zogby’s latest online poll.”        
“I’d also vote off where Cheney was born. Not the state or the city, but the actual spot. For while Bush may be the foreman of the destruction, IMO, Cheney is the architect.”

I don’t see Cheney so much as the architect of the “destruction” as much as a member of the design team which included Rice, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Feith, Gonzales and (fill in your own choices here) with Bush as the General Contractor.

Not the great general contractor that finishes the job on time with excellent results, but rather the kind that destroys the driveway and landscaping just to get to the job, destroys surrounding rooms to get to the room needing the work, destroys the room itself to fix it, leaves it that way and then says, “What do you mean, “bad job”, I brought you the freedom to see the mess, congratulate me for a job well done.”
Then he gives awards to the members of the design team, gets elected to the CEO of the Board of Contractors for a second term, for which he reshuffles his design team, promotes design team assistants to head their own teams and then heads to his ranch for a nice vacation while patting himself on the back for being a great Contractor General and makes plans for expanding his business to all the countries of the world.
He prints business cards with the slogan “No Country too small, we do them all,” and then sends them out with a mass mailing to the world.
When the countries respond by asking for references, he points to incomplete and shoddily done work and says, “You too can have the same kind of work done in your country, ‘what you say no’, well sorry, I’m doing the job anyway, my contract comes from God, and then even though you did not know you needed it, I will have built for you too the freedom to see the mess.”

What say you?  How would you put it?

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