With all the current events, and none of them delightful, to say the least, I thought I would share a Southern Sunday with you folks.

  For the past couple of days, there has been a stray kitten hang’n round my place, and very skidish to say the least. I’ve been trying to lure the little critter with some milk, and tuna fish, to no avail.
  Finally yesterday, the little bugger kept crying around till I finally lured it under the steps of the front screened porch, with some milk, and tuna.
  It had been hiding in the undercarriage of my jeep, just outta reach, without risking injury to the kitten,to get it out, I just kept trying to bait it out.
  Now it was very scrared, and quite cautious of any movement whatsoever. I could see, it was almost on the verge of complete starvation, and very weak, so I bided my time, and kept the milk at the ready.
  Last evening, we had some dandy storms come through the area, and dumped quite a few inches of rain,in just a very short period of time, and in Florida, it don’t take long, to get what we call a “frog-strangl’n rain”
  Now there was quite the display of lightning, wind, and a large amount of rain, and the power was knocked out early in the evening.  I knew the kitten was under the steps, with milk, and food, so I figured it was gonna be allright for a spell.
  Unfortunately, the rain was so strong, that it must have washed the kitten out into the yard. I had been asleep for a spell, no puter, and no music to listen too, so this ol’ boy took a nappy.
  I awoke around 11:30pm to the sound of kitty crying, and went out in the rain trying to find it, as I realized it was not under the steps, after checking.  I searched the undercarriage of the Jeep, and the Pickup, and could’nt find it, so I figured since the sound was muffled, it was up under the hood, (where I had found it a day earlier) and again, thought, okay, your safe there for the night.
  This morning, being Sunrise Sunday, I called all the family, and spent some time chatt’n with them, and giving the best holiday wishes, and then went out to try and wrangle that little rascal outta the truck.
  I popped the hood, and it was no where to be found, then, on to the Jeep, still no kitty, and I had’nt heard it since the wee hours of the morning.
  Just when I closed the hood on the truck, I glanced over at the Magnolia tree in the yard, and saw something, and it tore my heart out.
  There was the kitten, face down, in the water soaked ground, and being wet, you could see every bone in the poor thing, it’s eyes all matted together, and not moving.
  I went to pick it up to bury it, and just as I leaned over, I saw a twitch, and one gasp for air.
  I picked it up and went inside to get a big ol’ terry cloth towel, wrapped it up, and started to massage it. The kitten started to cry, but it was so weak, it could barely make a sound, but it was breathing, very shallow, but still, some life.
  I warmed another towel, and wrapped it in that one, then, I warmed some milk/honey, and got just a drop or two down the lil’ bugger.
  So the day has been about every 1-2 hrs, a drop or two of the milk, Tupelo honey, and a smidgeon, of Echanacea. Now the little rascal, is sleeping, off and on, and let’s me know when it’s time for a lil’ nourishment, just a little at a time, but this evening, about two droppers full, and seems to be rest’n easier, and breathing better.
  Come tomorrow morning, when the vet open’s, this little rascal will get a trip to the doc. I don’t know if the one eye is going to make it or not, but so far, it’s life is look’n much more promising.
  Now, for the rest of the Southern Sunday, between nursing the lil’ kitten, I prepared my Sunday dinner, and it went like this:
  Cast Iron Dutch Oven, put in a little bacon grease, get it hot on the stove top, chop up one sweet Vidalia Onion, chunk up 3 home grown sweet tater’s, 4 pats of butter, small palm full of natural brown sugar, and simmer, then crank up the heat, sear the 1lb. parsel of home grown pork tenderloin, (in the same pot) add a droozle of EVO, some Soul Season’n, pinch of sea salt, grind some fresh black peppercorn’s, and then pop that bad boy in the oven @ 350 for 1hr, 30 mins.  (add in one more kitty feed’n, during the cook’n time) and voila…..
   Mmmmm, Mmmmmmmm, I’m tell’n ya, it’ll make your tongue slap the ridges off’n the roof of yer mouth…woooohoooo.
  Now, after all that, here’s the point, there is nothing more fill’n, than the sweet spirit of life, and the pleasure’s it can, and will bring unto you, if’n only you let it.  ; )

  Take time away from the rage, and let some sunshine in.
  As a matter of fact, I think I’ll call the kitty, Sunrise, in light of the Spirit of the day.

  Y’all have a great Sunday even’n, and reach out and hug the ones you love, and if’n there not in reach, then give them a call, and just tell’m, how much you love them.
  B’bye,,,,gotta run, that lil’ Sunrise is bellar’n for some more milk/honey.  ; )


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