Pro sports suck.

Buncha whiny millionaires with Hummers.

OK, with that out of the way, I just want to remark on George Karl, former coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, and Seattle Sonics, named coach of the Denver Nuggets January 27th.

The Nugs were 17-25 on that date. Since then, they are 23-6, having only lost on the road, or to Phoenix (twice)- the best team in the league.

No player changes, in fact, several injuries in that time.

So, who wants a piece of George’s team in the playoffs? Right now they would be matched up with San Antonio in the first round. Guess who they crushed last night?

Anyway – since this is a Love Shack blog, for relaxing, there you go.

(By the way, spellcheck does not recognize “blog” Ha!)

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