The company you keep speaks volumes about your character. Sure there are friends that you knew in high school who are now only friends because of your history together, but any friends you make in adulthood or the type of people you hire speaks volumes about you as a person.

So why aren’t we calling attention to Bush’s serious character flaws?

It’s easy enough to do, and hell, even a donkey could point out that Bush’s `plain talk’ is really naked aggression & petulance in disguise.

The fact that the administration is standing firm behind Bolton, with Rice saying “management style should not be an issue” speaks volumes about the type of person Bush is.

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If I made mistake after mistake in hiring employees and continued my terrible judgment by promoting those individuals to positions of power in the company I would be deemed “not management material” and a) demoted or fired or b) sent for coaching/ counseling. Now of course we all know what happened to Bush, he was re-elected… but before the RWCM started reporting on the various character flaws of his entourage.

Let’s take a look at just John Bolton. He’s the most recent case, the WH is standing firm in his nomination and the allegations against him are truly outrageous.

Here is a man who stalks, intimidates and threatens women with whom he has a business disagreement. Who is a corporate shill who will do literally anything to achieve master’s goals (no wonder Cheney loves him… and Rove is so jealous of him…).

A Toronto man has emerged as a key player in a debate roiling the U.S. capital, confirming details of mistreatment of an underling by John Bolton, the man George W. Bush wants as his ambassador to the United Nations.

Uno Ramat, the creative director of a Toronto ad agency, described the embattled Bolton yesterday as a “really creepy guy” who harassed and threatened a female colleague of his when they worked together in Kyrgyzstan in 1994.


Moving away from “abusive ex-husband” John Bolton & back to management style we find the same patterns. I’m not going to get all Lakoff here, but I will point out that nobody likes a bully. I don’t care if he’s on your side or not, in the end he’s too dangerous. Bush appeals to the NASCAR guys because they want to go out and kick peoples asses too, but most of the time that winds them up in jail. He’s supposedly “strong” and “resolute” and “compassionate”.

Well… let’s ask these guys if they would want to work for him in real life. You know, have to report into John Bolton… his being the final say on if you got fired, slept well at night, made a decent living, were able to take vacations or even… follow your morals.

What do you want to guess the answer would be HELL NO? So exploit it.

Bush has ruined the economy, ruined your retirement, sent innocent children to die for his fat cat friends and thinks assholes make great leaders.

Bottom line: he thinks you’re a piece of shit and worthless unless he needs you to fight a war for him or needs your vote.

Bolton has been described as a “kiss-up, kick-down guy” who kicked harder the further down the ladder his underlings were and who pressured intelligence analysts at the state department to come up with findings that he wanted.

How do we spread the meme?

Blogs are always great but we’re not reaching the right people (and there is no way in hell I’m recommending we post on Freeperville)…

We need a slick, well-funded and pervasive TV ad that is comprised of “Bush’s greatest hits”. Search back through the last 5 years and we can find example after example of his assholish and ignorant statements. Compile them. Set the stage: In response to a question about soldiers in Iraq President Bush had this to say “Yeah, a few dead here or there, I don’t care as long as Halliburton is happy and Cheney doesn’t make me stand in the corner with a dunce cap on, it’s all good” (paraphrasing). One after another. Statement and petulant smirk after petulant smirk and statement. On and on for 60 seconds. Buy the time during NASCAR, WWE, NBA Playoffs, afternoon soaps, I don’t give a shit. As long as it’s highly rated and reaches the masses, that’s all I ask.

Paging Mr. Soros & Mr. Turner. New campaign in aisle 3 that needs funding.

Update [2005-4-21 16:34:19 by spiderleaf]: I can’t believe I forgot the second commercial.. the one where we hammer him for the company he keeps… duh!

The Company You Keep Speaks Volumes.

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