I have reached the point of political outrage overload today and I thought this would be a good time to have a spiritual, and poetry diary.
From what I have read  on these diaries here at Booman, I have gathered many of you are very spiritual and/or religious.  Would you like to tell us about your spiritual or religious beliefs, what keeps you going when the going gets tough, what makes it all worth while?
Seems like poetry and spiritual go hand in hand and that poetry is often used to express a spiritual belief, so if you have written any of your own poems or if you have a special poem that you love, please share with us here.
Here is my poetry contribution written by me in 1985:

Life’s little moments grow,
How I don’t know.
Out of bits of this and pieces of that perhaps!
I want to sow and I want to grow,
All the little seeds of my life,
Pull the weeds and till the soil
And in the fall reap the harvest once sowed.
Treasures past and moments gone,
Like rivers flowing to the sea,
Become one with God’s great eternity.
The sun arises and sets each day,
And my life begins and ends that way.
To light my life with living full
and leave but not a deed undone,

that is my quest,
and not to miss this moment lest,
It leaves my life with emptiness
That is why, these moments with you I treasure,
For soon they will be gone,

with the flick of a feather.
Would that I could hold them close to me,
Clutch them tightly to my breast,
But alas, I can only hold them forever,
Resting in my memory.

Now I can’t wait to see your contributions both in the spiritual area and with poetry.
I consider myself a spiritual person, with great leanings towards metaphysics and I identify and have special affinity with Indian culture and spirituality,  especially as it pertains to Mother Earth.  
I would like to know much more about Indian spirituality so I am hoping you who have that knowledge will share with us.

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