Just in from David Sirota’s Sirotablog:

EXCLUSIVE: White House caught peddling corporate invitations


A source just emailed me a message being sent out officially from the White House urging people to attend corporate sponsored events that trumpet the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Specifically, the White House is using taxpayer resources to urge people to attend events being put on by Fedex, Citigroup, and Western Union to promote this corporate-written free trade deal (you can see the official invitation [DOC file] being blasted out by the White House … notice the corporate logos). Most brazenly, the White House asks that invitees RSVP directly to the White House – as if there is now no distinction between these corporations (many of whom are big donors to the GOP) and the White House.

It’s one thing for the White House to lobby for an awful trade deal … it is a whole new low to have taxpayer dollars being used to directly promote corporate-sponsored events, essentially eliminating the line between business and government.

Background on CAFTA

David Sirota is a fellow at the Center for American Progress and is the official blogger for Working for Change.

And he’s on Al Franken’s show on Air America, usually twice a week. Maybe Al will get him on today to talk about this breaking story.

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