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Eleven-month-old Lokman Hakim Mondol, who weighs 22 kilograms (48 pounds) is brought at a hospital by his grandfather Tabarak Mullick, in Calcutta, India, Monday May 9, 2005. His mother, Jnanera Bibi, tries to cool him with a hand fan. Lokman consumes 5 liters of milk and 1 kilogram of rice-flour every day and is suspected to be suffering from a rare hormonal disorder. (AP Photo/Sudipto Das)

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe after the opening ceremony in Berlin, Tuesday, May 10, 2005. 2,751 concrete slabs on a plot of land the size of two football fields form the Holocaust memorial designed by U.S. architect Peter Eisenman. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

Giro pack : The pack rides during the second stage of the 89nd Giro, the cycling Tour of Italy, between Cantazaro Lido and S. Maria del Cedro. (AFP/Franck Fife)

British driver Mark Newby displays his 190 mph in a 70 mph zone speeding ticket he got driving the British electric ‘e=motion’ car Saturday, May 7, 2005, south of West Wendover, Nev. The local sherif gave Newby the ticket as a joke during a test run on Wednesday. It is not real. The attempt to set a new land speed record by an electric car was aborted a third time due to a circuitry problem. The vehicle will be shipped back to England to find out what went wrong. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

May 10: Patrons line up at the Tai Cheong Bakery for some of their famous products in Hong Kong. The bakery that dined out on the popularity of its egg tarts with former British governor Chris Patten has been forced to close down by soaring rents(AFP/Mike Clarke)

Novice South Korean Buddhist monks look at each other through a wide-angle lens, which shows a shark’s visual perspective, as they visit an aquarium in Seoul May 9, 2005. Some 20 young boys entered two temples in Seoul last week to experience life as a monk for about two weeks ahead of celebrations of the birth date of Buddha on May 15. REUTERS/You Sung-Ho

Christopher, a 27-year old man from Hungary, shows his tattoo of Lemmy Kilmister, the frontman of heavy metal band Motorhead, during the 13th International tattoo convention in Frankfurt May 8, 2005. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

Students sit their university entrance exams. Hungarian education officials are under fire after part of the national high school graduation exam was leaked and posted on an internet website prior to the start of exams.(AFP/File/Abdelhak Senna)

A candidate claiming to be the 12th Shiite Imam (L) is told to complete his registration form for Iran’s upcoming presidential elections. Eccentric Iranians were out in force as the interior ministry opened its doors for wannabe presidents.(AFP/Behrouz Mehri)

Poklonaya Hill WWII Memorial : A Red Army WWII veteran leaning on crutches walks past a church on the Poklonaya Hill WWII Memorial complex in the center of Moscow during the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany in WWII. (AFP/Viktor Drachev)

‘Hippo’ at the preview : A sculpture titled ‘Hippo’ by Jeff Koons during the preview of Christie’s New York Post-War and Contemporary Art Sale to take place 11 May 2005. It is considered to be the biggest contemporary and modern art sale of all time. (AFP/Timothy A. Clary)

Helen Wilmot carefully works on a 2,000 year old shoe which has been discovered in a hollow tree trunk in Wellington southwestern England, at the Wiltshire Conservation Centre, on Salisbury England Tuesday May 10, 2005. Dating from the Iron Age, and said to be the equivalent the shoe has visible stitch and lace holes and was found in a hollowed tree trunk set in the ground over a spring. (AP Photo/Chris Ison / PA)

What a cutie:

A nurse holds the bady named Angel at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Tuesday, May 10, 2005. Offers to adopt the newborn baby who was saved by a dog from death in a forest poured at the hospital. The 3.3 kilogram (7.28 pounds) infant not even bruised by the dog that retrieved her Friday. A nursing dog foraging for food retrieved the abandoned baby girl in a forest and carried the infant to its litter of puppies in Kenya, witnesses said Monday. The stray dog carried the infant across a busy road and a barbed wire fence in a low-income neighborhood bordering the Ngong Forests in the capital, Nairobi. (AP Photo/Khalil Senosi)

A swarm of locusts has descended on a town in southeastern Niger, sparking fears that the West African nation, where millions of people face food shortages, could endure another invasion of the crop-munching insects. State radio said on May 8 2005 the locusts were eating plants and leaves in Diffa, near the border with Nigeria. The insects also caused power cuts by weighing down electricity cables.In this file photo a swarm of pink locusts flies on a beach near Corralejo, on the Spanish Canary Island of Fuerteventura, November 29, 2004. (Reuters)

A Jewish World War II veteran looks at a rose during ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the victory of the Allies over Nazi Germany in Jerusalem May 9, 2005. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

A security person rushes to the scene after a car bomb exploded in central Baghdad, Iraq, Tuesday, May 10, 2005. Firefighters and ambulances raced to the scene, where at least five heavily damaged vehicles were burning. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

An Iraqi Army soldier picks up an old artillery shell after a collection of old munitions casings and projectiles were found in an industrial area in the southern city of Basra, Iraq, Tuesday, May 10, 2005. (AP Photo/Nabil Al Jurani)

Thailand Hosts Transvestite Beauty Pageant: Transvestite beauty pageant contestant Tiptantree Ruksuutisanti, left, reacts to winning the Miss Tiffanys Universe pageant as runner up Pheeraya Runangroongroj, right, offers congratulations late Saturday, May 7, 2005, in Pattaya, Thailand. Transgenderism is common and widely accepted in mostly Buddhist Thailand, particularly in Bangkok and towns like Pattaya. The pageant attracts contestants, who according to the rules had to be born male, from all over Thailand and other nations as well. (AP Photo/David Longstreath)

The transvestites in that photo look like they were born women and hadn’t had any work done.  Who knew transgenderism is so widely accepted in Thailand?

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