You are the Light of the World


…and as such, you are here to use your light to heal,
transform and transfigure
anything unlike peace, love, harmony and goodwill.

That we all may have
moments of peace
…and more peace.
Rather than impose your will upon conditions
of lack, disease or suffering.

…choose instead to think, feel and emote
from an outcome in which
anything unlike what is preferred
simply does not exist.

It cannot exist
in your experience
if you decide to
not entertain it.

In doing so, you create
a Quantum overlay of
preferred possibilities & probable futures.

You are the Light of the World
You do not need
the World’s permission
to shine your light
upon the dark.

The light releases you from joining others in
seductive, lower energy vibrations.

Use your light to simply
transform lower energies.

This is how you heal yourself
…and the World.

This is how you create moments of peace
…and more peace still.

Light cannot injure light.
Light is injured by nothing.

Light heals all.

In the midst of shining your light
you are immune to lower energies.

You don’t heal people
by getting them to “get it.”

You don’t heal unwanted situations with people
by “teaching them a lesson.”

Just stand in the midst of all that you resist
and instead of letting judgment take you over,
put your entire focus upon the Light.
The Light will prevail.

You don’t have to do
anything more than this.

Bringing peace to the World
is what you are here to do.
Just Shine Your Light

You know where your inner
Light switch is…
Turn it on!

You heal and transform
the entire World around you
by turning ON your light!

You don’t have to warn the darkness
that you are coming
with the light.

Just Shine Your Light!

You are the Light of the World.

And so it is…


© 2005 Heart Productions & Publishing – Mary Robinson Reynolds

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Time is the canvas on which Creation paints the illusions of reality.  ~Author Unknown

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