I would like to introduce to you my friend PastorLincoln, native of Uganda, living in Kampalla.  Oddly enough I first received a email from Lincoln the day after I received my first email from ‘Diva’.  He had seen my name on the penpal site and wrote to see if I would be his email pal.  That was in November of 2004 and since that time we have exchanged many emails and pictures and became friends.. After a short time he started to call me his American Mom Diane and I called him my African Son Lincoln.   So in some ways I received into my family two new members in the same week.  
After he described to me his very dire situation and his apparent hopelessness for any kind of successful future I began to think what I could do to help him improve his circumstances.  Sending money was not an option for me, other than a small gift, so I had to think of other ways to help.

Since my husband and I both had previously started small businesses with very little capital outlay, I suggested to Lincoln to look around for small enterprises that he could start a business with.  I gave him some very detailed instructions on what to look for, how to assess viability, how to look at a business, possibly forming a co-op business with friends/family where each would contribute and each would receive. Etc.  
At the time he felt very stuck for lack of completed education, which was not financially available and I urged him to continue his education on his own if need be, there was no reason to stop for lack of a school. I felt that a business from which he and others could draw income would help more than anything I could think of.  
So time went on and last week I received an email from him asking for help in getting a business started.  I do not have the financial means, even tho the costs we are talking about could be as low as $65.00, I just do not have much disposable income.  I sent him an email back saying that if he was willing I would put up a diary on Booman asking for feedback, suggestions and possible participation in a type of mentoring project or perhaps direct communication with Lincoln or financial sponsorship.  He agreed to my telling his story and using his full name.
I asked Lincoln to send me a short bio (that I could include) and what type of business he has considered and here is his response:

My names are Lincoln Joel Nsubuga, I am a Ugandan. I was born on 26th/March/1973 and all along I grew up with my mother. I come from a family of seven where by am the fifth born. I studied up to senior six which is advanced level of studies and I sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Exams for a Certificate and when the results came back I was not able to continue with my studies for a diploma or degree because my father had even retired before me completing senior six and I tried to contact my Aunty to help for school fees and she never bothered to help even though she had a lot of money working with Action Aid – Uganda. I tried many other people and no one dared help and I said let me start the real journey of a man in this world and I had put the Lord Jesus Christ ahead of me who gave me hope even in the very difficult times.

My life to the present has been a struggle and sometimes I do think that am not worthy enough to be in the world but then I remember that God doesn’t want me to think that way. My brothers and sisters don’t bother about me but I don’t hate them, I do love them all and I pray for them everyday. I want to start a small business project which can help me and those who are in need. From my hard life, I don’t want to see others passing through the same.

I am a Muganda by tribe and I come from Buganda Kingdom which is tribe from Bantu tribal group which entered the Interacustrine region from the Congo Basin into Uganda. I do speak Luganda as my native language and also English as an International language. I learnt English particularly during my primary school at Nakivubo primary school which is located in the city center of Kampala.

My mother also retired as a mid-wife nurse after working with Mulago Hospital which is the biggest government Hospital for 25 years.

I do stay in Makindye in the residence of my mother but in the one of the rooms attached to the main house of my mother. Makindye town is 3-kms away from Kampala the city center and Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. Makindye is one of the divisions which make – up Kampala.

Mom Diane given chance for support these are the priorities of the business plan;

  1.     I would like to start a Piggery project starting with 10 pigs.
  2.         I would want to start poultry keeping in both layers and broilers (Starting with 100 broilers and 100 layers)
  3.         I would like to start a secretarial bureau which would include; Printer, Photocopier, Computer set, Scanner and stationery
  4.         I would like to start a Salon working on both men and women because they are working well also here.

Mom Diane from the four plans listed above I would like to take one from them and if sponsorship is available, I will carry out complete research for all what is necessary.

Thanks so much Mom Diane. May God richly bless you. I do pray for you and all those who will help me start a small project. This will not benefit me only but even the youth and women and may be it will one of the ways we can preach the gospel and even bring hope to others. I have passed through many problems in the world but I thank God I have come to learn many things through this experience in life. I used to walk to and fro looking for a solution and when I get bad news I would even shade tears but these days I just get into my room and rest, read my bible and continue praying to God for break through someday.

I wish you Mom Diane all the best. May God bless you and your family, May God bless the members on the website you sent me.

I love you all.

To be sure there is much more to learn about his projects but I am most interested in your comments and suggestion and ideas.  Lincoln has registered on this site with the screen name Pastorlincoln and he will answer any questions you might have.  Keep in mind that he is in Uganda and will only be able to answer when he is working and that will be during the night US time.  You can also email him directly if you wish.
By the way, I do want to welcome him as a new member of this site and I think our first member located in Africa.  I am sure we all look forward to hearing more from him as to Africa and it’s culture.  I am not sure how political he is, but he surely does know the culture.
Since I have written all of this diary I noticed Pastorlincoln has already signed on and has made comments. Here is his web site address:
There is more to add to this story and I or he will do it in comments below.

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