Seems like another diary is full, for us at least, because prior to our recent influx diary totals rarely reached 50 comments as we just did not have that many posters.  Now we do and the diaries are climbing to numbers we have not seen before.
Thanks to all newbies and oldies for this great work.
As you can see we have worked really hard on this site to make it a homey place where friends can gather and discuss things and issues in a civilized manner and we sure do.
I am just so proud of our members, you have all done such a great job of making the newer ones at home.
I am curious how many of you became trusted users in the last few days.  
So talk on and party on and get to know each other.
FYI, I am 62, mother (5) and grandmother(4), living in SoCal.
I have been an antique dealer, furniture refinisher, craftswoman, tole painter, nanny, etc. in the past and now I am semi retired and pretty much a full time blogger.

In case you are interested this is a pic of me at Christmas 2004.

This is one of the pieces I tole painted:

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