James Edward Reed, Kaufman, Texas, conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute, sentenced January 1975 to 18 months in prison and two years special parole.

Now you have got to be shitting me on this one.  Someone out there with some time on their hands please please please find out more about this guy.  

From Wikipedia:

Bush has said that he did not use illegal drugs at any time since 1974. He has denied the allegation (Hatfield, 1999) that family influence was used to expunge the record of an arrest for cocaine possession in 1972, but has declined to discuss whether he used drugs before 1974.

The timelines just seem to good to be true.  I wish I could write more.  I wish I could write about my disgust for Bush and his hypocritical drug policy and post-911 roundup of people selling pipes and bongs using much needed federal agents.  But I have no time.  

Feel free to write about that part for me.

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