Okay. Booman Tribune has been inundated with new users this week, so I say it’s time for a MOJO FEST! Have at it. And, in a tribute to Carnacki, who posted “Got a Happy Story” diaries every Friday night at dKos, I’m asking that you earn your mojo by posting something happy. It can be about absolutely anything (no nudie pics though – okay??). If you’re happy along those lines, we don’t need to know about it. 🙂
I’m going to sleep off this kidney pain, so I expect this diary to be filled with stories and mojo while I’m gone. (Yes, I know most of you really, really care about me and your support has helped me get through this week – which is my happy story for today – but, don’t make this diary about me and my struggles. This is about you. Thanks!)

On with the happy stories…

Update [2005-6-12 17:34:26 by catnip]: Well, you certainly haven’t let me down! …yawn and very big stretch… I’m up from my nap and you’ve shared some great stories. Carnacki has posted a link to his See You All Soon diary on dKos – may he fare well in his journeys. Thanks guys and gals!

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