Murphy’s Law: A verdict is in. One hour from now (12:35PM PT) Damn it all.

Tell all your friends in SoCal: Rapid Response Network is organizing a rally TUESDAY to protest the press’ lack of coverage of the Downing Street Memo.

LOCATION: The Santa Maria, Calif. courthouse, the site of Michael Jackson’s trial, and where 2,200 journalists are camped out.

Someone should tell them that they are
destroying our democracy by not fulfilling their role in the 4th
estate. They’re covering stories that don’t matter (Jackson) over
stories that do (Downing Street Memo), and it’s about time that people
like you and me take the problem to them.

It’s not enough to sign a petition. Its not enough to just write
letters. Both are a bit lazy and don’t “show” in real terms (i.e.
footage of a huge group of people) public outcry. A real, live human
being showing up at a rally is always a better story than “our office
received a letter.”

If you’re nearby and can attend, send an e-mail to “If you want to volunteer as a press liaison, crowd manager, or site scout, please let me know at the above email address.”

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