With the recent success of our Welcome Wagon I was wondering what you folks thought of a new series called Booman’s Community Center.  It could be a place to go to put news alerts, talk to each other, hang out and have fun, tell about your plans, vacations, goals, interests, sharing info,pics,birthday announcements, etc.
Things that don’t need a diary, don’t fit on other threads, etc.
This idea grew out of the WW diaries because I saw so many of us just talking with each other and I thought that’s what we need.
My idea is to organize it along the lines of the Welcome Wagon, passing around the hosting opportunities with sign ups and so on, keeping one going all the time.
I am interested in your comments, feedback and suggestions.  Lets talk about it.

Also if you like the idea and are interested in hosting one of the diary series, please let me know that too.
My further thought is that we can keep the welcome wagons mostly for new members or lurkers who want to come out of the lurking closet.
That I think will make the WW diaries easier to data bank for future reference.
I also want to congratulate the WW Crew for all the great work they did in the past week.  Many were tireless in there tending of the WW diary.  Give yourselves a great big hand…..!!!!!!!!!!
When you stop by be sure to have one of these homegrown and handpicked strawberries..

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