According to Kansas City Star columnist Barbara Shelly, Missouri Governor Matt “baby” Blunt recently opened up in an interview with a religious publication. The contents are enlightening. Shelly takes “baby” Blunt to task, exposing his right wingnut views to a wider audience with her June 17, 2005 op-ed piece titled: “Your values are important, as long as they match his” (free registration required – link may expire)
Ah, family values. In Missouri we call him “baby” because his dad is a U.S. Congressman and he’s so young (though very close in age to his “stepmother”).

…Blunt’s remarks place him in the ranks of angry cultural conservatives who would buck two centuries of tradition to achieve their ends…

….you probably don’t know Blunt thinks public schools should be able to post the Ten Commandments.

Or that he thinks elected officials should, as a “last resort,” refuse to carry out a judicial order. Or that he believes impeachment is a “reasonable solution” for judges who “consistently act in a manner that is conflict with the law of the values of Americans….”

He’s running for President.

…”Clearly I think school districts ought to be able to display the Ten Commandments”….

….”I would not look favorably on judges who kept Missourians from advancing legislation that was important to their values,” Blunt said….

I’m not certain, but in that second statement I think there’s a little wiggle room for legalizing the manufacture, sale, and distribution of meth.

…”I think it is dangerous when courts overstep their bounds and really delve too deeply into whether or not measures are constitutional and create arbitrary rights that don’t exist in the constitution,” Blunt said…

Evidently, he’s never heard of Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)

…Blunt apparently thinks his election in November enables him to define the “values” of Missouri Citizens. That seems a bit presumptuous for a politician elected with 50.8 percent of the vote…

Hey, at least that was more than dubya got in 2000 – and look what he was able to do.

Blunt’s 2004 legislative agenda for Missouri protected the “no tax” ideology of the top 1% at the expense of widows and orphans. It’s that “tough love” stuff that gets you.

For Missouri Democrats the question becomes, will State Auditor Claire McCaskill face Blunt for a rematch in 2008 or will she challenge Jim “No” Talent for the U.S. Senate seat in 2006? Either way, a smart campaigner and tough and highly competent public servant will take on one of two high profile wingnuts in Missouri.

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