I just saw a film that I can’t recommend more highly to anyone on the Left.  It’s called Die Fetten Jahre sind Vorbei, or, The Fat Years are past [gone].  Ok, ok, it’s foreign, don’t poo-poo it for that.  The main actor is a guy who starred in Goodbye Lenin, an up and coming talented German actor.
The gist of the movie is this:  Two friends are secret, contemporary radicals in Berlin.  They have a hobby – terrorizing rich people.  They do this by breaking into their houses by bypassing alarm systems while the owners are on vacation.  Once inside they don’t steal or damage anything but rather rearrange all of the furniture (stacking chairs, couches upturned, pictures upside down, etc) and leaving little notes that say “You have too much money”.  Freaks the inhabitants out.  (Kids, don’t try this at home, it’s illegal! – but does sound fun to try, heh, heh).

All is well until a romantic interests is involved and brought along.  After a very nice sex scene, she forgets her cell phone in the house.  Panic!  They go back to get it but the owner comes home.

Now here’s the beautiful part.  They kidnap the owner and take him to a cabin in the Bavarian Alps because they don’t know what else to do.  Sitting around after dinner with their captive, they strike up a joint.  The captive asks for a hit and the kids are surprised.  It turns out that the rich guy who is kidnapped is a 68-er, ex-radical from the sixties.  The movie takes a turn to discovering how an ex-radical became just what he fought against: a cog in the system.  Even a great scene where the captive teaches them a little about the sixties.  He explains his and his wife’s free-love with their group.  Later, one of the younger radicals comes in and in a humorous scene, tells the protagonist and his love interests that he want s free love with them.  No violence in the movie, just interpersonal interaction.  A great, light-hearted, and thought-provoking drama.

The end has a good scene with the German anti-terror police, but don’t worry, it’s a happy and funny end!

I highly recommend this film to both boomers and x-ers.  It’s fabulous.

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