We are being controlled in more ways than one. I have been wondering for some time now why there is so little actual physical actions against this WH Administration. I intend to keep harping on this until I can prove it.
Here’s some proof- the technology:

The Sound of Force Protection®

The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a breakthrough long-range hailing and warning device designed to communicate with authority, affect behavior and determine intent. It has the unique ability of providing amazing voice and tone clarity in a 15° – 30° beam at distances over 300 meters using only two amps of power. In addition to microphone input, LRAD can communicate in various languages via the built in MP3 player or Phraselator.

More below:

As a method for safely addressing the difficult missions of waterside force protection against small boats, crowd control, area denial of personnel, clearing buildings and visit board search and seizure operations, LRAD puts distance between a potential threat and our troops to save lives on both sides of the device. LRAD can also be configured to provide live, continuously recorded video and audio from a remotely controlled ruggedized pan, tilt and zoom mount for high value infrastructure “first responder” capability.


Clear and intelligible voice communications
Attention-getting and highly irritating warning tone for behavior modification

All-weather operation
Minimal power requirements
Flexible audio input/user interface
Available pan/tilt remote operation
Supported Missions:

Waterside Force Protection
Crowd and riot control
Area denial of personnel
Building clearing operations
Psychological operations
Visit board search and seizure
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Ground/mechanized offense/defense operations

It is being used- Here’s one example.

Israel uses sound device to disperse riot
Vehicle emits bursts of sound that apparently cause discomfort

Updated: 1:08 a.m. ET June 4, 2005
JERUSALEM – The Israeli army on Friday unveiled a new crowd-dispersal device emitting painful bursts of sound at a special frequency to help break up a violent Palestinian demonstration, military officials and witnesses said.

Israeli military officials confirmed soldiers used a new “nonlethal” tactic in the West Bank village of Bilin, where hundreds of demonstrators rallied against Israel’s separation barrier.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity under army regulations, said the weapon uses special frequencies to disperse crowds. No further details were immediately available.

An Associated Press photographer said a military vehicle arrived toward the end of the demonstration, which lasted several hours and became violent at times.

Located about a quarter mile from the demonstration, the vehicle emitted several bursts of sounds, about one minute in length each time. Although the sound was not loud, it caused people to cover their ears and grab their heads in discomfort.

About 400 people, including Palestinians and foreign and Israeli activists, participated in the demonstration, marching toward a site where Israel is building its West Bank separation barrier.

The crowd was prevented from reaching the site, and began rioting and throwing rocks at soldiers, the army said. One soldier was moderately wounded in the eye.

In addition to the sound machine, soldiers used other means to disperse the crowd, including clubs and stun grenades.


Another product:

American Technology Proposes Acoustic Non-Lethal Weapons
In response to the US Department of Defense’s call issued last week for help in fighting terrorism American Technology, an innovator of new sound technologies, has proposed a state-of-the-art non-lethal weapon technology, the Directed Stick Radiator (DSR) in answering.

The Directed Stick Radiator is a portable, battery-operated non-lethal weapon technology that uses a high intensity acoustic pressure wave to disorient and disable targeted individuals up to 100 yards away. The DSR discharge causes no lasting effects on the targeted individuals and could be safely used in aircraft without fear of puncturing the fuselage. The company has been asked by the US Army and a major defense contractor to submit the DSR technology to the Pentagon for funding consideration.

Elwood Norris, CEO and chairman of American Technology, stated, “Our Directed Stick Radiator technology is a breakthrough in portable, non-lethal weaponry for military personnel and law enforcement officers. Instead of using noxious chemicals, high voltage sparks or other close-quarters means of disabling a suspect, DSR could allow authorised users to safely and remotely incapacitate a specific individual or small group temporarily. DSR could also be used for animal control without harmful effects. We believe our DSR technology has the potential to become the non-lethal weapon of choice for military and law enforcement use.”

The company has also been requested to submit specific configurations of its HSS (HyperSonic Sound) and NeoPlanar loudspeaker technologies for non-weapon-related military audio applications. Presentations of the technologies to government and military officials have been ongoing with several more scheduled through November.


I just know we are being HAARPed or controlled by the above technology in many ways. Please just consider the probability and results. Do you honestly think our government that we know today is not capable of such tactics?

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