Welcome everyone to the Froggy Bottom Cafe, where the welcome wagon is currently parked.  
Over the last couple days I have read many glowing comments about the “nature” of this site and many pointed to the Welcome Wagons

as one of the things that led them into posting and joining on this site.
Lately however, we have not seen many newbies posting bios here, so I am making this an old fashioned traditional, one more in the series Welcome Wagon Diary.

So come on those of you who are still shy, or those of you who just jumped in and didn’t really tell us who you are, now’s your chance…We love to know who you are and whatever about you, you will care to share..
Good place to get mojo too, so jump on in, the waters fine and we will all splash and play.
Booman might want to do an update bio, Susan I don’t know if she ever has, Catnip did you ever do one, there are lots of people I can think of that we would like to know more about..
So meeters and greeters, get ready!!
Also this will still be the home of the Froggy Bottom Cafe.”>  
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