We’re gearing up for a big weekend at The Brad Blog, and you’re invited!

Investigative blogger and radio-show host Brad Friedman is lining up what looks like a killer radio show. It’ll be his first live show in two weeks, after a holiday weekend rebroadcast. I’ll have more on that for you later in the week

Others are getting ready for a big weekend of live blogging. The following very distinguished guest bloggers will each spend at least two hours online, fielding your questions and comments:

David Cobb: 2004 Green Party Presidential Candidate
Larisa Alexandrovna: Raw Story Journalist
John Amato: Blogger from Crooks & Liars
Bob Koehler: Journalist with the Times Media Syndicate
Bob Fitrakis: Journalist and Author
Clint Curtis: “Vote-Rigging Software” Whistle-Blower
last and definitely least:
Winter Patriot: ubiquitous blogger and very quiet whisperer

In a rare and very welcome move, Editor & Publisher ran a story last week about Bob Koehler’s upcoming appearance; the story was covered lightly and perhaps a bit reluctantly by Brad and you can read more about it here.

You can download flyers promoting the event in several different flavors: please click here for a post containing a list of options and links to same.

For more details on the BLOGATHON itself, please start here.