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Hi folks,

mydd.com is running July straw poll for President’08.

Unfortunately, Chris didn’t include Al Gore in the list, and so I posted a “delta poll” that works on top of the straw poll (i.e. we add/subtract votes from the delta poll to get a final tally). The Delta Poll is at:

Gore’08 Delta Poll

and the main straw poll is on:


Please visit both the links and cast you votes appropriately (you will need to be registered at mydd.com).

If you are an Al Gore supporter, please recommended this diary and my delta-poll diary at mydd.com, and my cross-post at dKos, so that they stay on the frontpage longer, offsetting what I consider to be an unfair handicap to Al Gore.



ps: Yes, I’d like to see a Gore/Dean’08 ticket, however implausible that may look currently; but I will actively support, post-primary, most of the other leading Dem. contenders.

That is EXCEPT for Kerry or Edwards, mainly since they both voted for the Iraq war and against the $87B approps. to pay for it, an utterly unjustified and indefensible stand in IMO, and what conspired in 2004 elections shows its consequences. Hate to quote the Apparent Treasonist Carl Rove, but he said something like Kerry’s iraq war voting record was the gift horse that kept on giving.

Of course, my opinion on the John Duo is subject to a complete reversal, if the GOP nominee happens to be a CReepublican (Definition: either a radical right winger on any of the economic/religious/neocon fronts, or supports the radical agenda sufficiently vigorously.)

Again, my Al Gore delta-poll is at:
Gore’08 Delta Poll

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