C’mon.  Rove is a sleazeball – with so much power that people fall all over themselves to describe him as a “genius” or a “brilliant strategist.”  Sure, waging a whisper and phone campaign caliming Ann Richards was a lesbian was clever.  It was also low and dirty and beneath contempt.

Rove’s dirty politics are smiled at…because they work.  People love a winner. The ugly rumors about McCain’s wife, his daughter and McCain himself did the trick.  Let’s hear it for Rove and his brilliant methods of getting his puppet George into office.  The end justifies the means…

So, now Rove may even be a felon. Could be.  But why all the fuss?  Bush is surrounded by the lowest of the low… and no one in the fawingin media dares to say a word.

Snippet from today’s post at Jesse’s Blog:

Along with virtually every deplorable act of the Bush administration, the appointing of Iran Contra era characters, including convicted felons, is a prime example of how the media consistently give George W. Bush a free pass. It is also an example of the criminal mindset of this administration. Everyone is screaming about Bush’s loyalty to Rove even though it is quite clear that Rove was at the very least a player in the CIA leak case, but one careful look around will make you realize that this should be no surprised at all.

Be they convicted felons such as John Poindexter or Elliot Abrams, or their shady cohorts cohorts, John Negroponte & Otto Reich, criminals are more than welcome in the Bush administration. As a matter of fact, the more sinister your background the higher the person climbs in this administration.

Did you knows a that just last week, with no mention by our media, a confessed Iran-Contra figure landed a sensitive Pentagon position? Robert Earl, who helped in the failed cover-up of the ’80s scandal, is now chief of staff to Gordon England, acting deputy secretary of Defense. Earl actually told a grand jury that he had destroyed and stolen national security documents, and now he works for the Pentagon! This goes on at a time when we are being told that national security threats are the greatest dangers that Americans face.

George Bush appoints criminal after criminal to sensitive positions in our government, yet the ignorant red state lemmings continue to wave their flags and worship this criminal ring leader!

Treason? Been there, done that. What’s the big deal if Rove, Cheney or Libby committed acts of treason? Treason is petty compared to the collective rap sheet of the Bush administration.

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