ABORTION groups are launching a campaign to name doctors who refuse to help women seeking terminations. Marie Stopes International, Britain’s largest chain of abortion clinics outside the National Health Service, wants lists displayed in GP surgeries stating whether individual doctors are prepared to refer women for the procedure, writes Sarah-Kate Templeton.

Well, thats a novel idea.

Professor Wendy Savage, a former consultant gynaecologist at Barts and the London NHS Trust, and spokeswoman for Doctors for a Woman’s Choice on Abortion, announced the tactics at a meeting of abortion groups last week.

“A doctor who has a conscientious objection to abortion must refer a patient on to another doctor,” she said. “Any woman who is told by her GP that she is not going to be referred to a colleague should report that doctor to the GMC. The GMC would take this very seriously. It should be regarded as serious professional misconduct.

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The shoe seems to be on the other foot across the Atlantic, doesn’t it? Rather than hoards of right wingers pushing to eliminate their reproductive rights it appears that British women have their rights firmly in hand, and are pursuing the Jane Crow crowd with determination.

Why do you suppose that is? Why does the British government protect the rights of its women while ours do the opposite?

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