You can check always The Political Dogfight for the latest news on the CA-48th: The Second Half of the Game.

And the lastest is that the B-1 Bob Dornan, who had been threatening to change registration and run as an AIP (American Independent Party) Candidate, an arm of the Constitution Party, was rejected by The Constitution Party! Isn’t that an amazing turn of events for a former Congressman however cartoon-like!

He has told the local Daily Pilot newspaper he will run now either as a Republican or not run at all.
My bet, with small dollars and even money, is that he will run. He has an intense disagreement with both of the other two announced Republican Candidates. They are WAY too moderate for him and he does not consider them real Republicans.

Check the latest posts at The Political Dogfight for the details on their endorsements.

(more on the flip)
There is still a possible AIP Candidate in the wings. But nothing can be reported on that yet.Since this is an open primary…all the loading on the Republican and Conservative side of the Ballot is a good thing.

There is always more behind the scenes that can’t be made public. And you can believe, sincerely, that there is a plan being developed for the Democrats. OC can only hope there is only one Candidate. So far one person who was considering has dropped out. One very viable Candidate is working the Dem Clubs and Groups gathering endorsements and one who would like to run. He may be talked to by others. Like I said. There can be only one…if we, in OC, get our wishes.

Stay tuned. It is The Second Half of The Game.
PS: I am , as the Voice, getting a lot of carping on other blogs that ‘we’ don’t know how hard this will be and we really don’t know the District etc., etc.

Yes, those involved do know how hard it will be.

Yes, those involved do know the District.

And no it will NOT be a traditional campaign like the Carpers are imagining based on changing The Republican Mindset of the majority of The Republican Registration in the District.

Wait for it….there are some good plans in process.

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