[Thanks to SusanHu]

George Bush “drives by” Cindy Sheehan.  There, he did it literally.  Elsewhere, he’s driven by with guns blazing.

He drove by Florida in 2000, shooting down democracy.

He repeated that effort in Ohio in 2004, shooting down the voters.

He tried to drive by Iraq in 2003.  Certainly, that was what he had in mind.  However, he got stuck in a tarpit.

He drove by Afghanistan, particularly Tora Bora, where he simply shot and moved on.  Never mind that he missed Osama.

He drove by Social Security.  This time, it was fortunate he missed.

He drove by tax reform, hitting the poor but, strangely enough, completely missing the rich.

He is driving by the United Nations, his bullets (John Bolton) aimed at taking off the top ten floors.

There is no substance here, just a lunatic with a grudge and a gun–and a fast car.

Oh, and please… add to my list of Bush drive-bys.

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