Curt Weldon’s story
In January of this year, Rep. Curt Weldon made a speech to the House of Representatives in which he made a number of extraordinary assertions:

  • Federal agencies from had, in fact, identified the major New York cell of Mohamed Atta prior to 9/11 (via a military special ops group called ‘Able Danger’ which used data-mining techniques)
  • in September of 2000, that Federal agency actually was prepared to bring the FBI in and take down the cell
  •  lawyers in the administration at that time said, you cannot pursue contact with the FBI against that cell
  • Mohamed Atta is in the U.S. on a green card,
  • and we are fearful of the fallout from the Waco incident
  • The 9/11 Commission and  Stephen Hadley, at the National Security Council had been notified of this

But Atta DID NOT have a green card
In fact, he and most of the hijackers had violated  rules on their tourist visa more than once
The lie
Justin Raimondo was the first one to raise the issue of the visas on his piece:
9/11 Revisionism, Revisited- by Justin Raimondo

Something about this doesn’t quite ring true: none of the hijackers had a green card. Most came in on tourist visas: some had made easily detectable false statements on their visa applications, and might have been legally deported.

Justin then points to a 9/11 commission statement on the hijackers means of entry in America where we indeed confirm that all of them but 1 had sought – and most got – tourist visas. It also reveals that Atta often violated rules on his tourist visa (extended stay, entering with wrong visa), which makes Curt Weldon’s contention that lawyers vetoed the arrest of Atta based on his green card a blatant lie. (See details at lawnorder: 9/11 commission statement: Atta and his cohorts Visas)

So why the lie, why now ?
Of course news that 9/11 could have been averted if it wasn’t for a <u>Clinton</u&gt government veto caused outrage in the MSM and even on kos / Booman Tribune. His story was picked up recently by Government Security News and this was followed by a piece in the NYT by Douglas Jehl. Weldon asks: Why didn’t the 9/11 commission caught that in their year long review ? Predictably, the 9/11 commission denied any notion of it, but later admitted that the Commission staff was indeed briefed in a meeting held on July 12, 2004.

Blame Clinton, a favorite Neocon pastime
At first look it seems that Weldon’s intended target seems to be the CIA and Clinton. Sure enough, right after ‘Able Danger’ hits the news:

I even made a diary titled Told you it was a Clinton witch hunt to distract the media where I wonder:
With the amount of errors this Administration committed and is STILL committing, Porter Goss neutering of the CIA, IGNORAD and Rummie’s failure in Tora Bora in Intelligence the 9/11 guys are going to look into a 2000 “wall between agencies” problem ??!?!
Doubly Devious Neocons: Another path to get their Iran war ?
Sure dishing Clinton, distracting the media from Rovegate and reminding people of 9/11 are nice byproducts of the lie. And it would produce a much wanted uptic in Bush’s poll numbers, which are currently getting his senators so nervous that they fli flop, like Frist on Stem Cell research and Santorum on Evolution teaching. But Kossack Hector Solon has a thoroughly researched diary where he theorizes that neocon’s goal with this lie go even further:

Daily Kos: `Able Danger’ Sign of Clinton 9/11 Failures… Not so fastWeldon’s intended target seems to be the CIA and Clinton, but not so fast, it certainly is far more enlightening and complicated than first appears..
Philip Zelikow is now ground zero in 911 cover-up and “mything” the coming war with Iran…

“Mything” — A New Case Against Iran
All this started when Weldon was flushed from cover during another recent tiff with the CIA over his amateurish .. building the case for action against Iran..  

..Let’s assume that Weldon is acting either on instruction, or on his own accord to further expose the failings of the CIA, and/or to place the failures of 9/11 squarely in the hands of the Clinton Administration and “those DoD lawyers”…

Joe Conason in “Big Lies” [debunks this myth]

But Real Story is…
    Bush, and in particular Dr. Rice, missed the critical hand-off and must bear heavy responsibility for the failure to comprehend and to forestall 9/11’s attacks.. they are unable or negligent in reacting in the professional manner demanded of their official roles as protectors of the this Nation.

Blessed are the Myth-Makers:
Who the hell is Phil Zelikow?  He is the man that wrote the myth-making and is now at the forefront of the building the new myth for a case to attack Iran.

However, back in late 2001, Zelikow was appointed to the 911 Commission for a single purpose; to protect Condoleezza Rice and the Bush national security team from the fact that they seriously dropped the ball on the pursuit of Al-Qaeda…

Phil Zelikow HAS to be aware of the lie

He was in charge of investigations on the 9/11 commission. So of course he has to know Atta was never issued a green card and even violated his tourist visa policies often. If he doesn’t know he  obviously isn’t qualified to be in the commission, let alone lead it’s investigation force. So here we get proof that “the game is afoot” as the Sherlock used to say…

Where is this revisionism leading ?

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