JPol (Jerry Policoff) gave me permission to reprint his letter to Sen. John Kerry:

Dear Mr. Kerry;

I cannot believe that you have the audacity to promote “count every vote” on your web site.

Have you forgotten that you ran in 2004 on the promise that “this time every vote will count?”

Have you forgotten that you collected tens of millions of dollars for a special fund from your naive supporters designed to help you fulfill that pledge?

Surely you have not forgotten that you conceded the election with nary a peep despite evidence of massive fraud in Ohio and several other states. Many of your former supporters wonder what ever became of the money you collected to insure that “every vote would count,” but that you never spent, at least not toward its intended purpose.

Continued BELOW:

Your current activities make it quite clear that you are again seeking the Democratic nomination for the Presidency in 2008 despite your failure to insure the integrity of the voting process in 2004.

That is an insult to all those who voted for you expecting you to keep your promise.

Far worse, you are once again championing “Count Every Vote.” That is like George W. Bush championing Gold Star Mothers For Peace.

You are a hypocrite, Mr. Kerry, and a patronizing one at that. How dare you think we would fall for your phony commitment to fight for the integrity of the voting process twice.

If you are ever again on a national Democratic ticket I will vote independent.

Jerry Policoff — JPol

My only comment: Right on, brother. To BEG people, during the fall of his 2004 campaign, to donate to a post-election vote count fight, and then to save it for his 2008 race (except for a few dollars here and there to other Democrats), is disgusting, low, and dishonest.

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