Welcome to the live thread for the discussion of John Roberts’ confirmation hearings beginning Monday, Sept 12, 2005, at 12 pm ET at the Senate Judiciary Committee as he vies for the top job on the US Supreme Court.

You can watch/listen to the coverage online at C-SPAN 3, starting at 11:30 am ET.

You can read some background information about John Roberts’ career in this article by the Seattle Times.

  • Some of us will transcribe live for the benefit of the cubicle dwellers and those without access to C-SPAN live.
  • Please don’t post any pics because they slow down loading time.
  • If the thread belongs lengthy, I will post new parts to this diary as required.

Have at it and please jump in! The more the merrier. (It’s also a good way to stay sane in the face of Republican autocracy.)

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