This is why I do not trust the DLC/NDN.

Yeah the “New” Media machine… only they forgot to tell every one that it is turned inwards to attack progressives and to silence dissent and push their own agenda within the party…or whats left of the party.

This the the “messaging” I have seen so far with out even trying to look for it:


With Howard Dean in the DNC, some things have changed for the better. For the long-term, they are focused on building up the state parties and a fundraising base from small-donors, but in terms of creating in the DNC something akin to what the Dean campaign was like for 2001, the team that Dean has put together has under-performed.

What are they waiting for, some DC media consultant to figure out how to get a 15% commission on the ad buys (which is all the money is gonna go to this late anyway)?
Look, that page the you put up a link to of the DNC’s shows just how pathetic the effort has been. A text file for slapping on a fundraising graphic?  Same old ATM shit. No wonder it has 0 Comments.


I have always wondered how much of the Dean internet phenomenon was good planning, and how much it just sort of happened as a result of Dean’s unique passion and message. I suspect that the passion and message produced the tide, and some smart folks took advantage of it. Now the Dean internet gurus have the DNC’s resources, and we’re going to see whether or not they’re as smart as Howard Dean and the netroots made them look. So far, it’s not looking good.


It’s time for the DNC to step up to the plate for Tim Kaine. A Democrat can win the governorship in a red state, and with the support of the national party – he will. What say you, Howard Dean?


I know it is heresy to speak ill of Howard Dean, but where the hell is he? Where is the email calling us to action? I don’t know what they are doing, but frankly I don’t feel like waiting for orders from HQ when the battle is already being taken to us. Being stuck in Michigan, I don’t have the opportunity to make the trip to Virginia, but I am ready to do my part. So I want to use my diary for today as a brainstorming session from which we can develop a battle plan to hang on to our seat in Richmond. If Armando, Chris Bowers or Bob Brigham is reading this, input will be VERY much appreciated. Let’s hold this Red State governorship!

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ACCIDENTAL ECHO CHAMBERS… particularly when this was already laid out:

I think we need to examine that, and either completely takeover the DNC at the netroots/grassroots level over the next two cycles, or build organizations outside the party.

Daou would like to see the netroots go after the media and Democrats more, instead of Bush. Now, you could just say it’s not an either/or, and I’m sure Peter would agree with that, but I’m more questionable about the media/democrats part of the triangle or equation. I think the netroots already goes after the Democrats pretty hard, way harder than the right goes after Republicans, thats for sure, but targeting the establishment Democrats is as useless as targeting the DLC. Especially as long as we are still giving them money. We’d be much better off tuning the resources into changing the Democratic Party at the candidate and organizational level. With all the progressive money thats been spent, it’s shocking to me that we’ve not seen a 527 effort in this regard.

The newly minted consultancy class has forgotten that most of us bloggers were standing right besides them in the last election battled… we were there… we know how this works.

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