everyone is wondering why the wingnuts are objecting to miers….its so very clear to me what their problems is…they suspect, but cant say for sure, that she is a closet lesbian and susceptible to the souter effect….david souter was an unmarried man (harriet has never been married and has no known children), was nominated by a republican president so they thought they could count on him for right wing judicial activism, and has totally disappointed them with his thoughtful mostly left wing votes….the right wingers objecting to miers look at her and her advocacy of gay rights as they pertain to adoptions, plus her endorsement by texas lgbt orgs, and they get that queasy feeling in their jesus bellies that leaves them wondering if they are gonna get duped again.

dont believe the cover that they object because she isnt qualified….they dont mind their public servants dumber than a box of rocks….they elected a dumbass president….they love clarence pubichaironmycokecan darkasnight dumberthanjoecuntsdog thomas….i mean that man is a mental midget (no offense to midgets) but he very dependably votes their way without even having to think too hard about the issues….they overlooked his race (way daker than the black people they usually grudgingly support), his marriage to a white woman (lynching material only 40 years prior), his religion (catholic but better than a jew), his sexual harrassment reputation(if only anita hill was white), his lack of intellectual skills (his staff can do all the work)…and they confirmed him while calling all his detractors rascist…. they have a long list of supposedly more qualified conservative candidates this time around and ill bet not one of them would ever put money in a pac that would donate to that other suspected closet lesbian hillary or support exodus (gay prison persons org)….nope….the non qualified meme is a red herring…its the fear of not being able to control a possible carpet munching female that has them uneasy.

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