Hello all,

Many of you know that I’m an F&SF writer and have expressed an interest in my work. By happy coincidence I just got a note on my latest short story publication.

It’s humorous SF and it’s in the latest issue of Cosmic SF. Unlike most of the venues that buy my stuff, Cosmic is an electronic magazine and currently available for free in PDF format via the above link. It’s one my older stories, written in 1997, but I’m still quite fond of it.

For people who are interested in a completely different sort of SF, currently also free, a cycle of stories that I wrote as part of a middle school science curriculum is available in PDF format. These stories are primarily designed to convey specific ideas in physical science and scientific reasoning. I think they’re fun, but they’re not what you’d call representative of my wider body of work.

In order to get there, go to http://interactionste.net/ then click on the link http://cipskids.sdsu.edu/ and fill in the username and password visible on the bottom of that first page (http://interactionste.net/) then one more click on the link labeled “Chronicles of the Wandering Star” and there you are.

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