Cindy Sheehan shares some moving letters sent to her by families of American soldiers who have died in Iraq.

Dear Ms. Sheehan ~ I wasn’t sure how else to contact you, so am sending this thru the gsfp website. I just want to thank you for posting your essay entitled, ‘A Peaceful Day’ dated October 17th on the website, a site I visit every weekday.

My cousin, “brave soldier”, 30, originally of Indiana, was one of the five U.S. soldiers killed on Saturday, October 15th — Iraq’s ‘peaceful day.’ He is survived by his wife, his two children, his parents, his sister, our grandma, his aunt, his two uncles and his two cousins. We are currently awaiting confirmation per dna identification. (continues…)

I thank you for taking notice. The loss of his life and that of his comrades does not make for a peaceful day ~ may their souls will rest in peace.

Thank you for your efforts. Source:

Multiply this by nearly 2,000 families in America, and over 100,000 (most likely 300,000 by now) in Iraq.  We, all Americans, have really failed.  We let this happen, and letting keep happening.  Of course, those with power share most of the blame.  But still, the little guys (like myself) have performed very poorly in getting those in power to do something to not start, and now to end, this war.

What Cindy doesn’t share are the tens of thousands of families whose loved ones are coming home injured.  Thanks to modern medicine, many of these folks would be coming home in body bags.  But they are in seriously bad shape, and will pay the price for Bush’s war for a long time to come.

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