Jerome Armstrong has graciously offered to refund the 100 dollars I sent to him after I having been so unceremoniously banned… for a yet unspecified reason.

I take Jerome’s offer and ask him to send it to either one or divide the 100 dollars between both:

The Lilith Fund

Texas Equal Access Fund

As per Moiv’s incredible diary: The Katrina Aid That Dare Not Speak Its Name

How many young women did we all see on our TV screens, bedding down on the floor at the Astrodome in Houston or Reunion Arena in Dallas with their babies and toddlers, surrounded by crumpled plastic bags that held all they had left in the world? There seemed to be thousands of them, and then more thousands.  As in any population of young women, many of them were pregnant.  And for a great number of those young women–the ones for whom unexpected and unwanted pregnancies represented a second disaster–the devastation that their lives had become was worsened by the anxiety of wondering how they could find the help they needed to have a desperately desired abortion.  

Fortunately, they didn’t have to depend on FEMA.  Low-income women who are residents of Texas and who cannot afford the cost an abortion are able to rely on two sources of help–the Lilith Fund and the Texas Equal Access Fund–volunteer nonprofit organizations that immediately expanded their previous scope to offer all possible assistance to displaced women who were relocated to Texas in the aftermath of Katrina.   Lilith and TEA typically provide somewhere from $50-100 in assistance, and as providers, we generally find a way to make up the rest.  

I also enocurage any one else to give to this fund… you will be helping a lot more than giving to some Republican Democrats who want to take push women back to the stone age.

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