After weeks of planning, and many agonizing, extended meetings, tonight finally rolled around. Cindy Sheehan came, ate dinner with my family and a small group of supporters, and then gave an amazing speech to an almost full theater.
It all began several months ago, when we (Uconn radicals) discovered that Ann Coulter was speaking on campus for the grand total of 30,000 dollars. We decided to bring a speaker with a positive, uplifting peaceful message. Cindy Sheehan fit the bill.
After requesting funding for the event, booking rooms, paying for security, figuring out transportation, planning media campaigns, and several intense arguments with college republicans, the event was ready.

Tonight, Cindy came to dinner at my house, with my family, and several other students, and local activists, about 15 in total. After a pleasant, homemade potluck, it was time to go. Past College republicans, waving signs, chanting “Freedom isn’t free”, the room slowly filled. Finally, at 7:10 PM, Cindy was introduced, and told her story to a large, mixed audience. Hecklers attempted to disrupt her speech, and were cheered down.
I would say it was an amazing success. People were talking about it as they left, the book signing line was long, Cindy was busy hugging people, the college republicans were busy shouting at a busy street, in the cold. The press coverage was positive, student government pleased.
Thank you, Cindy!
Incidentally, today, we picked up the first copies of the UConn Free Press, our new underground weekly from the printers.

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