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Suicide Bombing on Bus in Iraq Kills 30
Suicide Attack on Bus to Shiite Town Kills Up to 30, Officials Say

BAGHDAD, Iraq Dec 8, 2005 — A suicide bomber who jumped on a bus after security checks had been completed detonated an explosives belt among passengers heading to a Shiite city Thursday, killing up to 30 people and wounding nearly 40, officials said.

Most of those killed were on the bus, which was gutted by flames, but several people gathered around a nearby food stall were also killed, police said. A hospital official said at least 37 people were injured.

Police said the attacker waited until the bus was slowly pulling away from the station, then jumped on board to avoid security checks. Police said the death toll was especially high because the blast triggered secondary explosions in gas cylinders stored at the food stall.

I used to be amazed by how often I heard out of the lips of conservatives their unassailable belief that we had to stay in Iraq to prevent a civil war from breaking out. Now I am merely disgusted. A civil war has been going on for some time, and our invasion of Iraq, and the way the Bush administration botched the aftermath of that invasion, was the fuel that ignited it. The Sunni insurgency is a direct outgrowth of our policies. The more we were seen to be favoring Shia and Kurd communities (whether accurately or not matters little) the more we encouraged unemployed Sunni men to take up arms to oppose our presence, and then to attack Shia communities.

The mannner in which the elections have been conducted, with results that favor Shiites at the expense of Sunnis has only deepened their resentment. The participation of Kurdish and Shia soldiers in the “Iraqi Army” in our operations (like Fallujah) against Sunni communities which we have identified as hotbeds of the insurgency, has led to a bitterness that will last for generations to come. Add to that our detention and torture of innocent civilians (primarily Sunnis), our training and equipping of Shia (and probably Kurdish) death squads, and our passive indifference to the tortures and massacres perpetrated against Sunni citizens by the putative Iraqi government (controlled by Shia politicians).

These suicide bomb attacks against Shia communities have been going on for some time now. They will continue whether we go or stay, just as the actions by Shia militias, and by “official” Iraqi Army and police units, in retaliation against Sunni communities, will also continue. We have been the catalyst for the outbreak of an ethnic conflict that will rival anything the world has witnessed in the Balkans or in Africa over the past several decades. It will worsen whether we are present as an active participant in the process, as we are now, or whether we leave. Indeed, the longer we stay, the worse it may get, as our forces are a magnet for all those in the Arab world who wish to join this Sunni jihad in Iraq.

What should be clear to any objective observer is this: whatever the reasons now offered to justify the continuing presence of our troops in Iraq, prevention of a civil war among Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis cannot be one of them. That conflict has already erupted.

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