Two parts gasoline, one part Tide detergent, an empty glass bottle.  Mix well, top off with a rag.  Light, ignite, and throw.
I was happy, coming out of a party meeting earlier of the Democratic Socialist Party (PDS)-Germany.  A gathering of new members for the new year.  A Stammtisch and singing the Internationale.  My first meeting and made some new friends and Komrades.  I volunteered for some committes and pamphleteering and we have a demonstration in a couple of weeks against racism for refugees by the governmental bureaucracy.  A successful meeting all around.

Then I come home to see so many atrocities, including graphic images of people tortured and boiled in Uzbekistan in the name of the war on terror.  In the name of the country that I grew up in.  In my name.  And I can tell you that I am past outraged, my bullshit meter broke and the warantee ran out.

I want to throw molotov cocktails (NSA, are you listening?)I want to, well Henrik Ibsen put it best: “If I had a submarine during the flood, I would’ve torpedoed Noah’s Ark”

Yes, I am now asocial, and I am ready for revolution, how long and how many more offenses before the masses catch up?


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