Promises, promises. Iraqi readers, ask the Native Americans about “broken treaties and unfulfilled promises.”

Factor in this report from Left Coaster (via Memeorandum):

… The Washington Post reports today that the administration won’t ask for any more reconstruction funds for Iraq, telling the Iraqis they’re on their own now, and that others can clean up George’s mess, and step forward to finish the job that we started.

I’m sure this will go over well in Iraq and will do a lot to convince others in the Arab world of our good intentions. It sure will make Karen Hughes’ job more interesting, huh? In reality, Bush doesn’t have the political support here at home anymore to throw billions at Iraq when our own country is crumbling all around us. But he and the GOP will still want to declare victory next November anyway. (Emphases mine.)

… with these bright bits of news from Juan Cole:

Dec. 30: Iraq Petroleum Production “Suffocating”: Bahr al-Ulum

   An informed observer writes: Reuters reports that

“average exports in November fell to 1.21 million barrels a day – the
lowest level since at least November 2003 – and down from 1.24 million
barrels per day last month,” indicating that something may be seriously
read all

Jan. 2, 2006: Guerrillas Target Police all over Iraq
with 13 Car Bombs on New Year’s Day
Over 2 Dozen Casualties … A major refinery went back online, but a pipeline was bombed early Sunday. … read all

And we get this?

P.S. We won’t save any money though. The billions going to Iraq will shift to fat-cat contracts for Louisiana and Mississippi. (Got any other ideas? I’m just guessin’.) And the everyday Iraqis? Their oil production is down. So the money to rebuild will come from where? (Iran, Russia, China, says sjct) Hey, that’s their problem (Mahmoud “Call Me Crazy” Ahmadinejad). Our corporations made out like bandits … amusing phrase, that.

(Andrew Sullivan writes that “THE ABANDONMENT BEGINS …” and SimianBrain Blog high-fives him with “Principled Iraq war supporter Andrew Sullivan says the abandonment has begun, responding to this Washington Post piece …” And the Heretik pens “From the People Who Brought You the Slam Dunk in Iraq …” It’s the darndest thing though: Michelle Malkin and her minions haven’t piped up.)

Thanks to Other Lisa for sending the cartoon by the Seattle PI’s David Horsey.

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