I’d like to be a part of the revolution to save us from the theocratic folks who are making continuing efforts, and unfortunately inroads in some cases, to convince the rest of us that they are in direct communication with God and that God has told them what the rest of us need to do to become “right” with him/(her). Too bad they didn’t read past the old testament……I just never saw any directions in the NT that told me the way to be “saved” was to join with a group of enlightened “neocons” who use people, the earth, the flora, the fauna, natural mineral deposits and anything else for their personal benefit at the expense of all humanity and the survival of our earthly planet. Oh, I forgot to mention the justification for killing world leaders who disagree with us, conquering countries to free them and let’s not forget blaming the poor for their situation because of the ungodly choices they make. IS THIS WHAT JESUS WOULD DO?? I think this pretty much describes my mindset. And, by the way I am a flower child out of the 60’s and somehow I feel like I’m in my twenties again.
I’m new to this, but I noted that the comments/information in the biographical…get to know me part……..wasn’t all there, so I decided to write it here. So, that is all I have to say at this time.

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