My empathy and support to SusanHu here and the nasty predicament her aquaintance(s) have found themselves in. I had mentioned here in comments before some of the first ones that were brought in. I agree that there are many questionable circumstances surrounding these arrests and other have/are doing thorough diaries.

  I just wanted to take a minute to bring something else to attention concerning the entire matter.

PETA Deserves Close FBI Scrutiny

PETA Deserves Close FBI Scrutiny, Says Consumer Group
Animal Rights Organization Has a History of Funding and Supporting Domestic- Terror Groups

WASHINGTON, Dec. 21 PRNewswire — FBI investigations into the activities of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which were recently publicized by the American Civil Liberties Union, are entirely justified and serve to protect the public from animal-rights violence, the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom said today. PETA’s history of offering both financial and rhetorical support to FBI-designated “domestic terror” threat groups — including the violent Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Earth Liberation Front (ELF) — has made it a logical and important subject for in-depth scrutiny by federal law enforcement.

“Given PETA’s deplorable behavior and outright support of terrorist violence, it would be scandalous if the FBI were not aggressively investigating the group,” said Center for Consumer Freedom Director of Research David Martosko. “PETA has chosen time and time again to make common cause with the most violent elements of the animal rights movement. It’s outrageous that PETA is now playing the victim and complaining about the consequences of its actions.”

PETA has provided the FBI with numerous reasons to open a formal investigation, including:

…list at site linked above

  This tenuous connection is identical to the cause given for some renditions and detentions.

 This may have been done before but I thought it would be relevant to post for anyone that may have missed it.

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