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I’m sorry, I have to laugh about the reports that Andrew Cuomo abandoned his dog and left it at the governor’s mansion in Albany when he moved out. First, everyone knows that a dog is man’s best friend, and this is about the worst time for a friendless person like Cuomo to be without his canine companion.

But let’s face it. This dog has always been a problem for Cuomo. From the beginning, he couldn’t control it.

Cuomo first introduced the dog, then 14 weeks old, in 2018 to a delegation from the state Conference of Mayors when they visited the Executive Mansion.

Then he complained that it would¬†“only urinate indoors” and “has some kind of climate sensitivity that overpowers his bowel movements.” Now there’s an anonymous source that claims the dog has been nipping state troopers. Sounds like a nightmare to me, but one that’s probably manageable when you have taxpayer-paid staff to clean up the mess.

Naturally, Cuomo doesn’t want to be responsible for this dog. As his spokesman Richard Azzopardi states, “He wants to go on vacation.”

If I were Cuomo, I’d want to dig a giant hole and live in it for the rest of my hopefully brief life, but I’ve never been accused of rampantly inappropriate sexual behavior and forced to resign from a high profile office.

But the real story is not about dog abandonment. Supposedly a staffer took it home and soon discovered that living with it was a form of water torture. That’s a shame, but it’s understandable that the dog from hell isn’t exactly Cuomo’s top priority with his life in ruins,¬†moving trucks parked all over the place, a hurricane battering his state and a transition of power to manage.

But being a horrible person earns you brutal unsympathetic news coverage, so he’s now the guy who abandoned his dog. It’s freaking perfect. Complete poetic justice, and so funny…

At least he’s not the guy who strapped his dog to the roof of his car and went on the interstate.

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