Hit one for the women’s team.

Here it is  go and read my message at Women For Democrats.

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……Yesterday Tim who is in charge of the DNC blog

decided to put up a diary and promote a group of recently retired

military candidate, male and female and call it “The Band Of Brothers”.

I objected but neither he nor anyone else at the DNC had the courtesy

to respond.

I think they were just not thinking clearly. So I decided to make this

fundraising page. It is not that money donated to swinging this bat

will go to female candidates only. But I would like to make this bat

about reminding the party that you can not take women and their issues

for granted and casual unthinking sexism is not okay. This is not

longer the 1500s and we now have women in the military and they are

giving as much as their male counterparts for this country.

So here is my band and all you women and men who care about Choice,

equal access, equal pay and equal rights… and the end to guys

thinking it is okay to call a group of veterans which includes women

“Brothers”, or if you just would like to make the point that we are

here and you need us to make this party whole, then swing this bat.

Gore2008 , My PoliticalTheaterBlog
Cross posted at MyLeftWing and appearing as a comment in Joe Rospars diary….   😛

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