Steven D wrote a front-paged diary today called BushCo Will Spy on You if . . .. It was about military surveillance of homosexual groups that are opposed to the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” idea.

But this is REALLY about ALL of us.

Orwell is here.

Who here is innocent of crimethink?

One of the articles I link below is named “Surveillance cameras to predict behaviour.”

Take it a step further than that article.

Are there not voice recognition lie detectors?


Why not posture recognition THREAT detectors?

I have one.

Damned right I do. Been on the mean streets of NYC for 30+ years now, and I can tell when people are wrong from 75 yards away, just by the way they are walking.

So can every dog I have ever owned.

Science will catch up to me and to my dogs, eventually.

Bet on it.

Read on for more.

And for a defense as well. (I’ll give you a hint. There really IS power in numbers.)
Feeling a little…surveilled today?

With good reason.

Just assume that you are being spied upon.

It’s simpler…and more accurate, too.

The Surveillance Age is upon us.

Great Britain is the leader in this field.

Surveillance cameras to predict behaviour

A history of video surveillance in England

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Watching your every move

Orwell WAS English, y’know…

First England, then the world.

If “The Graduate” were being made today, Dustin Hoffman’s uncle would say “Surveillance” instead of “Plastics” as the coming thing.

Bet on it.

We could impeach the entire BushCo administration and not dislodge this movement one iota.


Too many people, not enough control. For the controllers.

William Burroughs said “Control needs time.”

Well…control needs surveillance too.

Do you know the ONLY THING that can stop surveillance.


Like a flock of birds or a school of fish.

The predators get confused by the numbers and cannot pick out individuals.

That’s why they are trying to keep you at home.

Isolated in front of the TV set.



Have fun schooling.

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You’re gonna need it before THIS shit is over.



(They can’t kill us all. Who’d clean the shithouse?)



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