Most of you won’t have heard of this most likely as the news doesn’t seem to be covering it. Today, a real hero Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon filibustered the Senate today trying to get an up or down vote on his amendment, which would have capped at $55 a barrel any tax breaks for Big Oil. It was a sight to behold, for 5 hours on C-Span2 today Wyden explained in depth why this was important as oil profits have skyrocketed.

All was great, Republican oil whores like Pete Domenici trolled for the oil interests and finally left the floor in a total hissy yelling all the way. This should be on every news program but sadly may only make it on Olberman or Jon Stewart tonight.

The worst though was when that hack Harry Reid, the worst excuse for a Democrat after Lieberman and Zell Miller took to the floor and forced Wyden to stop. The Republicans didn’t take Wyden down, a Faux Democrat did. This pitiful minority leader will keep the party forever in minority status, it’s time to boot him out of the Senate once and for all.

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