Our motto?  Defeating Republicans through diet and exercise!

Earlier in the week I stumbled onto The Hacker’s Diet which was developed by John Walker (one of the programmers of AutoCad.)  After being fat for most of his life, he decided to treat the problem of controlling his weight like any other problem to solve.  And he set out to debug himself.

I’m awed by his work.  The information is balanced by a lot of illustrations & a light voice.  Which is important because his background as a programmer is reflected in the level of detail and the technical nature of his analogies.  

He’s generously given me permission to publish excerpts at Eat4Today each day to stimulate discussion of it and maybe inspire others to start following it along with us. (let’s talk about it on the other side)
His idea is that we’re born with an Eat Watch.  A gadget that let’s us know when it’s time to start eating and when it’s time to stop.  But some of us have broken Eat Watches.  And he’s decided to build a replacement.  The Hacker’s Diet will replace our broken Eat Watches and give us a tool that will tell us when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to stop.

Which I think will fit perfectly into my idea of not eating between meals and not taking seconds!

In addition to that, I’ve been trying to work exercise into my daily routine.  Here’s a series of photographs of me getting started (reprinted from Getting Fresh Air at Eat4Today):

And a side view:

And pull those arms back!

Whew! That’s about it for today.

(I just found this experiment.  Here I am doing the same thing at work)

Here in Kansas City, we’ve got rain coming in two shifts today so I’m glad I got out yesterday!

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