This isn’t much of post, but when I popped over to My Left Wing in lurking mode, I saw that today was Tribute to Adam Day (Maryscott’s husband), which of course is very well deserved, but in the fine print I also saw that the proprietor of that fine establishment was celebrating her birthday.

Well, says I (in my sotto voce voice mode), maybe that’s deserving of a few well wishes from a friend and fellow blogger, and, if not a regular poster at My Left Wing, certainly a fellow traveler.

So Maryscott, whether on time or not, belated or not,


And here’s my present, a picture of you and a few other folks from when we first met, up close and personal.  See if you can spot yourself:

And here’s a couple of other people whom I’m sure would give you a shout out on your day, too:


And a very special friend says hello:

Now go watch some organic fireworks!

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